Peter Acocella

~ 2005 ~

Peter spent almost his entire career in coaching boys and girls in various sports and not only taught the basics of the sports but also taught good sportsmanship - an important part of making an athlete who can compete as a team member and create community spirit.  Acocella was a Physical Education teacher for 30 years, and while teaching also coached basketball, baseball, track, soccer and softball.  He formed the New Rochelle Women’s Softball League, taught golf, and co-found and co-operated the Pioneer Day Camp for boys.  He was instrumental in helping organize intramural and interscholastic programs which provided for the needs of the New Rochelle students, and probably touched in one way or another the lives of thousands of young people in New Rochelle.

Joseph F. Fosina

~ 2005 ~

Joe’s first venture into community sports was with the New Rochelle Youth Tackle League.  Over the years he assumed the roll of educator, coach, father figure, and mentor for the children who participated in the program.  

Joe became President of the YTL in 1978.  In 1997, the New Rochelle YTL Football & Soccer Field was named the “Joseph F. Fosina Field” in recognition of Joe’s 30 years of volunteer work with the youth of New Rochelle.  During those years Joe stressed education and helped many of his former players attend college.  Joe’s contributions have been recognized by many, many groups and he has received numerous awards.

Lionel W. Oliver

~ 2005 ~

Lionel has been excelling at sports his whole life, starting in Little League, where he lead the Southern League in home runs, and continuing at NRHS, winning WIAA All-League, All-County, All Daily News, All World Journal and Con Edison recognition. 

After high school Oliver continued playing baseball at a star level at Howard University on scholarship.  After school, Lionel continued his love of sports and was an active member of many softball teams, helping win forty-five tournaments.  He received many awards and was selected MVP five times.  Lionel also coached during this time and led his teams to Divisional and League championships.

Cristina Teuscher

~ 2005 ~

Cristina emerged on the national swimming scene while at NRHS, qualifying for the U.S. World Championships, where she finished second.  While still in high school, she went to the Pan American Games winning three gold medals. Although several swimming powerhouses offered her lucrative scholarships, Cristina selected Columbia University because of her strong interest in a quality education.  She was selected Academic All-Ivy League twice.  Before entering Columbia, Cristina competed in the 1996 Olympics, winning an Olympic Gold Medal.  Her split in the 800 relay was the fastest ever recorded by an American women.  She won NCAA golds, Goodwill Games Gold and Pan Pacific Championship Gold.  She was selected captain of the Pan Pacific Games by her teammates.